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Live from Mount Shasta, Ca

Begins Dec. 21st

Join us for the holy days of Christ Mass
 to incarnate into a Greater Love than you Have Ever Known...


Feminine Mystic. & Midwife of the Soul

Mother- Christ consciousness does not belong to religion...

She is a rapture of raw, un-encumbered devotional love, an overflowing ocean 
of healing compassion that streams into our planetary field from the
Source Mother’s primordial star body and Heart- Womb of Life.
When we open our gateways to Her, Her universal Love flows
into our hearts and wombs like rivers, unabashedly claiming our souls for Her own. 

In Her we are free to Love,
to un-censor our devotion, and experience the soft ache of blissful surrender. 
 Showering our souls with Her starlight reign of Grace,
She lets our human hearts know it's finally time to come home, 
to heal unto Her Heart of Life,
and birth Her Immortal Love for the sake of all of humanity.





From Solstice through the New Year, we will journey with:

 *3 live Mother Christ Initiation and Planetary Healing calls,
*Spontaneous transmission videos,and a vibrant FB enclave. 
*You will also receive the beauty-filled Essene Mother Christ Transmission
e-book to download and partake of at your leisure.


Journeying into the crystal caves and womb caverns of Mount Shasta,
we'll commune, receive initiation and offer ourselves as vessels in service to life 
with 3 Mother Christ planetary healing activations during the season's peak gateways:

Join in live or in your own time with the downloadable replays.  (approx. 60 -90 mins each)

The Activations:



She births Her Cosmic Love through us...

Mystic feminine souls have quietly walked this path of the Mother Christ for aeons.
In secret caves, caverns, and temples on Mother Gaia's body,
initiates were catapulted  
into a state of ecstatic union, exalted and at One with Her.

Our hearts rising unto Her Divine Heart, our wombs unto Her Cosmic Womb,  
we'd enter the rapture and become living vessels for Her healing rivers of love
to flow like soma throughout all of creation.

Sister- soul, this season, our Mother Gaia is calling us 
to co-create with Her a powerful activation of  planetary healing. 

She is ringing the bells of remembrance, awakening our Cosmic Mother Christ blueprints
 so we can birth Her Immortal Love incarnate for the healing of life on Earth.

Join us to spend the holy- days with Her...




Maleda... Feminine Mystic, Mentor for Healers

December 21st
Black Madonna Initiation

Rebirth with the
Mother of the Heavens


We begin here, journeying through the Mother star gateway of mystic Mount Shasta to commune with the Black Madonna as She births cosmic love into existence.  From deep in Her primordial night comes a grace-filled explosion of the substance of love into the heavenly firmament, the stars and cosmic landscape. 
Birthing the moon and the sun, the earth and our bodies from Her heavenly womb, the Mother conceives the heart of the uni-verse into being from Her unstuck tones and cosmic breath.  Her starlight reigns like teardrops of soma down through the earth into our bodies, showering Her pure beauty of cosmic immortality into our earthly experience.

Open your heart gateways to enter the rapture of Her Universal Body of Love.

January 1st, New Years Day
Become Her Love Incarnate in 2019:

Mother Gaia Initiation: Rebirth as the Sacred Womb-an 

December 24th
Christ Mass Eve
Blessed Mother Initiation:

Birthing the Immortal Beloved

Journey with the Blessed Mother of Souls to open to Her oceans and rivers of Grace as they touch and heal the deepest soul and suffering of humanity. 

Mother Mary conceived Yeshua to bring this Blessed Christed Love potential into the birthing field of the collective wombs of women.

When we immerse ourselves into Her Holy Source Womb waters, our hearts are washed, our wombs are  healed, and our souls are exalted into Her tones of Mother Divine Love. 
We are born again.

To receive Her Source Love fully into us, is to heal our deepest most ancient pain. In turn we become Her Vessel, birthing Her holy oceans of compassion for the healing of all of life.

Open your womb gateways to birth Her Immortal Love through you. 


Excerpt from the 2017 Christ Mass: