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Live from Mount Shasta, Ca

Begins Dec. 21st

Join us for the holy days of Christ Mass
 to incarnate into a Greater Love than you Have Ever Known...


Feminine Mystic. & Midwife of the Soul

Mother- Christ consciousness does not belong to religion...

She is a rapture of raw, un-encumbered devotional love, an overflowing ocean 
of healing compassion that streams into our planetary field from the
Source Mother’s primordial star body and Heart- Womb of Life.
When we open our gateways to Her, Her universal Love flows
into our hearts and wombs like rivers, unabashedly claiming our souls for Her own. 

In Her we are free to Love,
to un-censor our devotion, and experience the soft ache of blissful surrender. 
 Showering our souls with Her starlight reign of Grace,
She lets our human hearts know it's finally time to come home, 
to heal unto Her Heart of Life,
and birth Her Immortal Love for the sake of all of humanity.





From Solstice through the New Year, we will journey with:

 *3 live Mother Christ Initiation and Planetary Healing calls,
*Spontaneous transmission videos,and a vibrant FB enclave. 
*You will also receive the beauty-filled Essene Mother Christ Transmission
e-book to download and partake of at your leisure.


Journeying into the crystal caves and womb caverns of Mount Shasta,
we'll commune, receive initiation and offer ourselves as vessels in service to life 
with 3 Mother Christ planetary healing activations during the season's peak gateways:

Join in live or in your own time with the downloadable replays.  (approx. 60 -90 mins each)

The Activations: