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Infusions of Her Grace

Universal Mother- Christ Planetary Healing Activations

& Source Heart Womb Blessings 


Sister- soul, You're warmly invited to receive ...

Under a hushed blanket of snow, candles lit by the warmth of hearth and home,

we’ll journey inwards with two activations into the deepest soul of life on this blessed planet.  There we'll immerse ourselves in the planetary thresholds where the Universal Mother- Christ is right now re-uniting with our elemental Mother Earth to infuse Her era of great change with showers of  Source Grace.


This is a time of intimate healing, respite, deep inner prayer, soul companionship, and a re-turning towards the basic goodness and Grace-filled gentleness of the Mother- Christ tones of earthly and universal love.

This is a time to infuse our bodies with Her breath of Grace in all of life.


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Being Bathed in Elemental Grace...


Long before religion began, ancient mystic feminine souls quietly walked
the healing path of the Universal Mother Christ, attuning our bodies under the sands of time to bathe in the tones of Her Eternal...

In secret caves, caverns, and forest cathedrals in Mother Earth's body,
initiates would immerse ourselves in a potently tender and heartfelt process of re-union

... to be grace-fully healed Home unto Oneness with Her Source of Love that is the essence of life.

And in this Way, in the Ways long forgotten,

our hearts lifted by the tones from Her Divine Heart 

our souls immersed in Her womb- seas of love,

our cells infused in Her pure cosmic breath

we were anointed, we were blessed 

as Her healing Grace resounds through all of life.

Our hearts rising unto Her Divine Heart, our wombs unto Her Cosmic & Earthly Wombs,  
we'd be blessed to enter the rapture and become living vessels
for Her healing oceans rivers of universal love to flow throughout all of creation.

Our Universal Mother- Christ activation journeys are a continuance of those ancient Ways.

The Activations...

These two planetary activations are best received as complimentary, for together they encompass both the Heavenly Dark and Light aspects of the Mother's Elemental Grace


Cosmic Dark Madonna
Purity of Heart Blessing 

Storytelling & Healing with the Primordial
Mother of the Heavenly Firmament


Take an inner Journey in the Ancient Ways of story-telling into the Mother's Arctic gateway. Receive the cosmic healing tones of the Madonna of the Night Sky as She breathes the heart of love into existence.  Here we will meet the Ancient Ones, Her guardians of life, who guide us through the telling of the timeless story of the 'She-child' feminine soul of life.  Through active participation in this transmission we receive ineffable healing blessings as She breathes Her cosmic breath of yin dissolution into our own, igniting our great re-membrance.

Gently, with the healing breath of the pristine purity Her Cosmic Mother- Christ Love, the imprints and programmings left from lifetimes of human pain and distortion begin to dissolve into Her Love for all of life.


As we continue to receive Her breath fully into our own, the Grace-filled blossoming of the substance of love that created the pristine beauty of the heavenly firmament, the stars and cosmic landscape awakens in our own hearts.  

Open your heart gateways to receive the blessings of the Madonna of the Night Sky's omnipotent Grace of Yin 
dissolution. Allow yourself to dissolve into Her Cosmic Heart of Universal Love.

Essene Mother-Christ  
Source Womb Blessing:
Healing and anointing
in Her Womb- Sea of Galilee


Take a tender and uniquely special journey with the Universal Mother of Souls and Her planetary womb- sea of Galilee. 
There we will meet our Essene family of Christed love, and receive anointing blessings in our  wombs from Her healing holy waters of elemental life. We'll open to Her oceans and rivers of Grace as they touch, heal, and soften the deepest edges of our humanity. 

To receive Her Source Love fully, is to heal our deepest most ancient pain. In turn we become Her Vessel, birthing Her holy oceans of compassion for the healing of all of life.

This blessing will continue the healing of our souls and bodies Home to the re-union of Her Love into our elemental forms for days to come

Open your womb gateways to receive  anointing from the Mother's holy waters of Life and be healed Home unto Her body of Love.

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Sign up to receive these two Mother-Christ
 blessing activation journeys...

*They will be sent to you as downloadable MP3s.
(approx. 60-90 minutes each) for your continued re-visiting 

 This activations are being offered by heart contribution. 

Your contribution supports me to continue my 24/7
planetary healing work for the sake of Mother Earth and the soul of life. 

Please choose the amount that feels life-giving to you:

*Sister, no one will be turned away from this sacred journey due to lack of funds.  Contact us and let us know how much you can contribute, and we'll get you registered.

If you have questions or need 

assistance with registering:


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In all of the realms,
In all of the dimensions,
In all that lives & moves through this wondrous creation,
there is nothing- nothing that compares to the exquisite beauty 
of when the human soul awakens to her own capacity to love.
It's that love that heals the living temple of the heart
Makes it holy, makes it bright, makes it pure.
That love dissolves all guilt, all shame
alchemizes the pain and suffering, the ache of human life,
and turns it into an act of artistic majesty and ineffable grace.
That love brings the soul back home to Her Eternal Self, 
to birth Her own light, Her own song into life.
This is the gift of love that is the Mother Divine

within ourselves and all of Life.

Blessings be in your awakening unto Her.


What if I have had a hysterectomy?

 Even if you have had your physical uterous removed, the energy field of your womb always remains.  With this journey, you will begin to awaken to the exalted state of that energy field, while receiving energy and insights to healing emotional trauma that may be left from the surgery.


When will I receive the activations?

The downloadable activation journeys will be sent to you on December 21st, and 24th.  After you register, you will automatically be held in the Womb of Life field for this journey, and you can listen when you are ready.

How much time will it take me?

As with any new opening in consciousness and energy, the more you engage with it, the more you will get out of it.  With this journey, you are encouraged to go at the pace that works for your life.  You will be supported by the Womb of Life field and Mother Gaia throughout the journey, regardless of where you are in the activations.


What kind of healing will I experience?

Great Mother Healing is a powerful form of energetic and spiritual healing, and not meant to replace traditional medicine or psychiatric care.  The divine energies that stream through these activations are strong and designed to provide the spiritual foundation for soul healing to happen.  This Initiation journey is not a course in trauma healing, however if you go in with deep receptivity, it is very probable that many hidden layers of heart and soul wounds will be healed. 
Either way, your soul will be supported and uplifted into the next stage of your evolution. 

If you have any other questions or concerns about participating, please feel free to contact me at:


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