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Dear Sister-soul,

If you feel a resounding "yes"deep in your belly, please let us know a little about you, by filling out the application form below, press 'send' and then register with your tuition payment by clicking through on the registration button.  If we have any questions regarding your application or registration, we will contact you via email.

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Welcome to this pivotal moment.   You are making one of the most important decisions of your life: whether or not to prioritize and invest in your soul purpose by embarking on a life-changing journey of becoming the Feminine Mystic Guide you were born to be. 

There comes a turning point in every life where if recognized and taken, has the power to change the course of your life forever.  Please make no mistake about it- if you have opened to this page, it is because you are at that choice-point in your life right now.


Will you follow the Great Mother’s calling?
Will you become a pioneer of Her Womb of Life Consciousness, awakening the massive untapped spiritual power in your feminine soul?  Will you step forward to take your place as a guide for other women discovering and birthing their sovereign soul's power and truth into life?


Here’s the good news… if this question inspires or scares the bejeezus out of you, it means you are on the right track… and your destiny as a powerful mystic guide of the feminine soul is at hand.

I invite you to jump off that cliff of possibility, to honor your divine design and allow yourself to be carried through a life-changing journey with my guidance, the Universal Divine Mother Consciousness that is your birthright, and your own soul

Bright Blessings and warm hugs,
Maleda & Womb Matrix Healing

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