With Maleda

Great Mother Healing

Finding healing, refuge, and awakened love
in Her Era of planetary change...

'When mystic women awaken to the living Truth that the healing of our feminine body & soul is integral to the healing of Mother Earth, we begin to open the gateways to our full spiritual potential.  Never has it been more vital for those who deeply love Her Nature to hear Her call, turn inwards, and do what it takes to enjoin with Her movements of planetary healing & celestial metamorphosis.

I'll meet you here, on the holy thresholds where your womb, heart, and soul meet the Mother's elemental breath of life, and Her majesty of omnipresent Love unfolds within you.'- Maleda, Feminine Mystic & Healing Mentor

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Intro to Great Mother Healing & Womb of Gaia breath practice

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Welcome, dear One...through tens of thousands of hours of facilitating women's healing & spiritual awakening, I have found that... we have come so far, and yet there is still so much to re-member about who we are as feminine souls and the role we are to play in the healing of life on this planet.  This is a time like no other, and 
you're invited in this Womb of Life field to go deep-...deeper than you ever have.
The Mother's unfathomable magic of elemental life, beauty- filled miracle of transmutation,
and immensity of Universal Love awaits you...

  • Be held in the alchemical Love of the Natural World while transmuting hidden soul wounds into evolutionary breakthroughs

  • Clear ancestral pain & awaken metaphysical sovereignty 

  • Heal your womb, heart, and soul and restore your innate feminine spiritual capacities

  • Cultivate inner clarity, stability, & awake primal discernment 

  • Discover the grace- filled Source healing realms of the Mother's  primordial Womb of Life  

  • Learn how to decipher, understand, and heal personally from the energetic underpinnings of humanity's in the world today.  

  • Open your internal gateways to be an effective participant in Great Mother global healing

  • Receive Great Mother gnosis transmissions about Mother Earth's current innermost planetary movements

  • Experience the true freedom of existential love


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As with all things Great Mother, we begin in the womb....

"A woman's greatest awakening lies 
in the unseen  primordial realms.
How she gets there is through her own womb"

Evolutionary Healing for
Awakening Women...

We have come so far, and yet there is still so much to learn about the true power of feminine consciousness.  Through Great Mother Healing, go deeper than you ever have and access inner realms of power you only imagined before.  


  • Womb consciousness is one of the most underestimated and undervalued aspect of women's embodied spirituality.

  • Physically, energetically, and spiritually, our wombs are literally the gateways through which human souls enter into life. That makes every woman's womb a bridge between the worlds: from spirit to matter, from the unseen to the seen realms, a portal into primordial beingness: the space before birth of pure soul presence and potential.

  • Through the process of healing the deep wounds that have imprinted in our womb and soul matrix, we step into the our full feminine gifts of healing, creative potency, embodied love, spiritual power and divine Presence. 

  • When we awaken in these inner cosmic depths, we experience our life journey & it's lessons effortlessly from a soul level perspective, timeless and present. 

  • Our capacities for evolutionary growth and karmic healing unfold exponentially, and our ability to be an effective bridge between the worlds ignites our deep yin-based healing power.

  • Primordial Womb Awakening is not simply a potent practice of healer's embodiment;  it is a pathway of deep and true landing in yourself as a feminine soul.  It is the heroin’s journey that takes you beyond all that you know now and catapults your life into a evolutionary realization of the Great Mother Presence in all of life.

  • Womb Awakening is one of the most vital and necessary evolutionary movements happening for dedicated women practitioners, healers and guides today.

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