Great Mother Nile
Ancient Womb Origins

Healing your womb Home to Her
Primordial Mother- Waters of Life & planetary source-sound of love  


This August New Moon Lionsgate

Come home to the Womb of Life   *   Restore the Love of your Ancient Soul

For mystic women who want to heal  & restore themselves Home to Mother Earth

Self-study... partake from wherever you are

Restoring your womb's deepest thresholds to Her planetary source sound of Love


healinffor the sake of all of life
& planetary primordial sound activation

 Planetary Healing with the 
Nile Eternal Waters of Life

Ancient Womb Origins: 

Restoring your womb's deepest seat in Mother Earth's primordial Source waters and dissolution power with Her unstruck tones of Love 

Great Mother Nile

Ancient Womb Origins
Restoring your womb's primeval thresholds
to the Great Mother's Waters of Life

Healing yourself Home with Her unstruck tones of 


Feminine Mystic, Spiritual Guide, Mentor for Healers

Open your internal gateways to a new frontier in
evolutionary feminine cosnciousness

You are warmly invited to join me for a soul healing mystical journey this Lionsgate Portal.

Immerse yourself in the waters of the Mother's Love through the
Eternal River Nile from the comfort of your own home...


Far from being a mythological goddess, Great Mother Hathor is a force of Mother Christ Love which streams into Gaia's planetary field from the emanation of the Sirius and Venus stars. Her cosmic essence births a life-giving universal amniotic fluid...
a divine soma that nurtures and births the soul of love
across the threshold into incarnate form.

As the Universal Mother of all creation, the Great Mother of Life
resounds Her unstruck tones of Love from Her cosmic dark belly, spreading Her sound of Love that births all life in to form moment by moment, breath by breath. Her primordial cosmic rivers then lovingly flow into Mother Earth's magnificent  body, merging with the elemental soils and waters of the Nile, inundating Her wetlands & muds, creating in the very thresholds where eternal life blossoms into earthly form.

Deeply in tune with the cosmic movements and Mother Earth's planetary energetic configuration, the ancient Egyptians knew how Mother Nile provided this Eternal womb threshold... a river of life.  As Her celestial primordial waters streamed with her unstruck tones, bridging the Love-filled realms of Universal Great Mother's celestial primordial waters with the soils of life.   on the very thresholds the elementals blossom into earthly form.​ 

During the feminine traumas and travesties of eons of colonization, this most primeval womb threshold in Mother Earth and the collective field of women has been blocked and co-opted by the patriarchal destructive forces.  The feminine primordial sound womb- Ways, once steeped and rooted in the Mother's purity of love for all of life became distorted through ritual rites and metaphysical sound technologies and practices.  In the process, the distortions of the synthetic anti-life dark forces were embedded in our wombs, infecting the human field with synthetic DNA, creating patriarchal separation, violence, and anti-organic, anti-life, anti-mother religious landscapes in the human field.... resulting in the patterns of spiritual, energetic & metaphysical & physical violence that still shape human collective life today.  and & thwarting our deepest capacities to embody Her unstruck tones of primordial Love.  Over thousands of years of these traumas to the feminine body of life, the capacity to bring through Her cosmic power of love-filled yin-based dissolution for the sake of the balance and goodness of all of life was lost.

During the Lionsgate portal, when the Sirius and Venus cosmic Mother stars stream their luminous forces directly into the Nile, and Mother Earth aligns directly with the Source Womb at the center of the universe, Her amniotic waters then rise and break open, inundating the sands of Egypt and the soils of all time, space, and incarnation processes with Her essence of immortal soul Love.