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The Shakti Summit
Awakening the Secret Yet Massive
Healing Power of your Womb


This interview is part of the Shakti Summit a free online event focused on igniting a passionate life infused with heart, sensuality & spirit! For more information, please visit
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Her Pheonix of Love Arises Within You:

Excerpt from our "Resurrect your Divine Heart Blueprint" activation journey.  This powerful activation is a Love bomb that invites your soul to rise up and take Her throne once again in your high heart. 

Breathe deep, and enjoy your heart's divine power dear sister, may your arising unto Her be deep and strong.

Womb Meditation...

Being Nourished by the
Womb of Mother Earth


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Womb of Life Planetary Activation
Rebirthing the Sacred Womban Blueprint


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De-programming from Patriarchal Colonization: The Raw Truth for Western Mystic Women

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Worldwide Fires
and Great Mother Elemental Yin Healing

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