Awakening toPrimordial Womb Healing Power

Audio Mini- Course



Dear sister,
Welcome to Womb Matrix Healing & the Womb of Life School.
I feel so blessed and honored that you chose to join us in this evolutionary feminine field of
Great Mother healing & soul awakening.
These modules are best used one week at a time, practicing the recorded meditation regularly for that week.  
Enjoy your journey of awakening the great healing power of the Divine Mother within you.
I look forward to being in touch with you soon.

All of my love and
the brightest of blessings for your soul journey,


Module 1:


Awakening your Divine Destiny

Meditation: Receiving Her Omnipresence

Module 2:  

Reclaiming the Power of your Moonblood

Meditation: Birthing New Life

Module 3:


Honoring your Cosmic Cycles

Meditation: Gestating in the Primordial Womb of Life