Feminine Deep Healing Sessions

Rebirth your life


"I had no idea the extent of the impact working with Maleda both through distance sessions and in person would have in altering my life tangibly on many levels"

-Megan Mcgowan, Harmonizing with Spirit founder


Sign up for one 2 hour session for a healing breakthrough, or for a 3 - 6 session series to create deep healing and life transformation on all levels.

“You can do this, there is no measure of suffering, no experience your soul cannot and will not rise through.  Whatever the state of your life and inner landscape at this time, you are having the exact experience you need to take the next step in your evolution. 


All you need to do is take a deep breath, call on the light of your soul and walk through the fire into transformation.   Healing, wholeness, and radiant aliveness await you.”

During a session, together we will:
  • Reveal hidden wounds and issues in your feminine life experience that keep you in a revolving door of suffering and limitation

  • Heal and transform core emotional and energetic patterning

  • Anchor your inner experience to reflect your rebirth into love, joy, and freedom

Expect Results:
  • A sense of completion on life-long core issues

  • Newfound aliveness in your creative expression, spiritual life, work and relationships

  • A more open, empowered relationship to your life choices

  • Inspiration and methods to create a new life experience

  • Practices to keep the transformation unfolding in all realms of your life.

Modalities may Include:  

       Self  inquiry *  Transmission* Guided meditation and imagery  *Breathwork  *Energywork* Conscious Movement *
                                                Healing Touch

Each session is unique depending on your needs and process... Expect the unexpected and be ready to take a journey with your soul.



I am so grateful your intuition brought you to these pages, for nothing gives me greater joy than to serve women like you to break through into healing and spiritual empowerment.


You see, I know we were each conceived whole, perfect and pure, a unique expression of our feminine soul's journey; capable of magnificent creations of beauty and light. 


The main reason why we suffer is we forget who we are and our immense power of creation. We believe we are nothing but a limited body, rational mind, and turmoiled emotions.


We believe in our fears, stifle our anger, forgo the wisdom of our hearts, suffocate our sensual nature, and otherwise try to forget we are the sacred feminine in order to survive in a world which has forgotten. 


The good news is, today, so many women like us are waking up to remember who we are and why we have been birthed on this beautiful planet...   And if you have been led to these pages, it is because you are at that breakthrough moment in your life.  


To your beautiful, tenacious spirit that brought you here I say:













I would feel honored and blessed to walk down that path with you, helping you to cultivate the inner resources needed to empower your own journey and experience true healing.


It is because I have gone through the intensity of my own inner fire so many times that I can sit with you in yours.


It is because I have risen like the phoenix from the ashes time and again, rising higher and higher into healing and soul fulfillment that I can help you to find yours.


In One-on-one Feminine Deep Healing sessions, you will learn how to transform your own life experience, heal the wounds and create​ the life you have always wished to live.  Our work together will be deep, profound and impactful.  


Your investment in your healing
Single Feminine Deep Healing Session:  $399
Three Session Series: committ yourself to life transformation and enter into an ongoing field of energetic healing until the series is complete.  
One payment of: $933  


3 payments of: $366.
****Each session is at least two hours long, and provides a healing breakthrough that with continued practice could change your experience of life forever. This is an investment for you to fulfill your soul destiny and live the life you were born to live.


Onsite sessions are currently held in Nevada City, Ca and the Philadelphia area, distance sessions via Phone or SKYPE

For a free 15 minute phone consultation, or to book a session, contact:



(303)- 332- 2062