Womb of Gaia Rebirth:
Parting the Veils with Her Love


Reclaim your Soul's Mystic Power of Healing 
with the Mother of Life 


June 16th 

One Day Immersion & Divine Activation with Maleda
in the Mystic Lands of Glastonbury, UK

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With Maleda:  

Feminine Mystic, 

Spiritual Guide,

Healers' mentor

You are warmly invited to join me in Glastonbury for a life-changing
mystical immersion into the Womb of Life and the ancient healing knowledge of the
Feminine Druids...

When we open to the omnipresent Love of Mother Gaia,

we awaken our innate capacities to work and heal with the soul of life.

We realize that we are here to co-create with the natural world with care, love, and respect. 

The Feminine Druids lived from this deep Truth.
 The times when they thrived and performed their great works for the planet,
the veils between the seen and the unseen realms of the natural world did not yet exist. 
They understood that we are a part of the web of life,
and that there is much, much occurring on the energetic planes
that cannot be seen with our physical eyes.

The Feminine Druids used this perception and power to heal and serve all of life on this beautiful planet.

They played a vital role in the weaving of, caring for, and cultivation of the relationship between
the unseen and the seen natural world... a vital role which is now left unfulfilled.

Much of the destruction of the natural world we see happening on our planet now

is due to the closing of these internal veils in the collective field of humanity.

The time has come, Mother Gaia is calling us home to Her, to part the veils within us 
so that humanity can live in harmony and love, living and thriving in Oneness with Her planetary body.

In the process,
we awaken within ourselves the Great Mother power of healing 
and co-creation with Nature to serve all of life in this crucial moment.


Join us to immerse yourself in the Mystic, to open your internal veils and access the magnitude of omnipresent healing love you were born to embody.  Focusing on direct communion with your soul and Mother Earth, we will enter into deep inner journeys and guided healing activations to awaken the most profound planetary healing power within you.  

While being held in the nourishing embrace of the mystical natural world,
you will gently and skillfully be guided through:


-Fear of expressing your spiritual truth, your mystical nature and your divine gifts.

-Distrust of your own inner knowing.
-Fear of living openly in your relationship to Mother Earth.

-Blocks or veils that keep you from seeing/sensing & feeling safe in the depth of your inner experiences.


-Direct and immediate access to your soul’s deepest Truth & Gnosis of the natural world.

-How to work with the planetary energies to heal yourself and all of life.

-Dormant capacities of seeing, hearing, knowing & feeling the soul of Nature.

-A knowing and feeling of being held & guided by Mother Gaia's Love in each moment.

-A grounded sense of safety and ecstatic belonging to Mother Earth and your place in the universe.

"Thank you, Thank you, Thank you..!!
I thank your precious soul for taking us on such a deep and nourishing journey.  I am still in this quiet deep womb place of the Divine Mother and my whole being is glowing and recognizing the home coming of these travels.  My heart is beaming with love and I am so grateful for this deepening of my relation with Mama Earth- not even a relation anymore but being one with Her ."   

-Maja, Netherlands

*All journeys and healing pathways of this Womb of Life field open gateways in your consciousness for your awakening to be self - referenced from your own Divine Nature.  You will be empowered and supported on every level to discover and live by your soul's deepest Truth and direct relationship to Mother Gaia.

How will our time together flow?

In this life-altering intimate group immersion,
we will move together through an organic flow of:

*powerfully transmitted Great Mother wisdom teachings *beauty-filled healing soul- journeys with Gaia
*self-inquiry *
nourishing movement* breathwork *partner and group dialogue  

You will be surrounded by powerful, like-minded sisters in our Womb of Life community, and held & transported into realms of Love, co-creation and realization with Mother Gaia you have always dreamed of.. 

Stay for an evening sacred site excursion..

You are invited to join us that early evening for an excursion to the Tor, one of the epicenters of power there not those sacred lands. There we will will do some more deep work with Mother Gaia, and serve Her to bring balance and harmony through Her Ley lines that run through there. This is incredibly beautiful work with the Womb of Life that is very much needed for the planet and humanity as a whole. You will be becoming Her Vessel in an unprecedented way that can open your capacities to continue to serve Her from Her Womb of Life energies.


Glastonbury Womb of Gaia Rebirth: Parting the Veils with Her Love

June 16, 10am-5pm 

Your investment: 

For this life-changing Mystical Healing Immersion is:  $88 (66 british pounds)

*Please bring a sack lunch

*space is limited for this event, register now to ensure your seat

*This is a non-residential event, however if you wish to stay overnight or for a few days,
 there will be other sister-souls from our field to visit more of the sacred sites and commune with.


Glastonbury Goddess House

Magdalene Street, Glastonbury BA6 9EJ

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Please contact us at:  


with any questions about registration

"Oh what a beautiful journey straight to the loving Womb of Gaia.  I've just been softly crying on and off all day as if my heart has been tenderly melted wide open.  Your words are poetry, your guidance sublime, the journey you so generously share leads my soul home.  I can never thank you enough for bringing such beauty into my life- for shining back to me in such an exquisite way, the truth that lives inside my very core.  
Deep bow in reverence and gratitude for all you do for me, for us, for all of life."  - Heidi, California

Your Soul Guide Maleda

Maleda is a gifted Evolutionary Healer, Feminine Mystic and Midwife of the Soul. She has practiced and taught in the field of feminine awakening for over 17 years, including intensive training in women’s yoga and Indian Temple Dance and as a lead teacher in a monastic ashram community.  

In 2013 during an extended deep retreat, she experienced a life-changing spiritual awakening to Great Mother Consciousness through the field of her womb and was shown the processes that have become the evolutionary work of Womb Matrix Healing today.

A healer of healers and pioneer of consciousness, Maleda’s powerful transmissions and healing pathways delve right through to the core of who you are, guiding you through a profound remembrance and reclamation of your soul’s eternal Truth and your natural divine design as a feminine being.

What is awakened is a feminine template for true and deep spiritual realization, moving through the spiral of soul healing into a direct experience of omnipresent Divine Mother Consciousness through the natural gateway of our wombs.  She offers global healing transmissions, deep healing & activation journeys, and guide/ practitioner trainings.

Praise for this Evolutionary field:

"During my Soul Awakening session with Maleda I had the profound experience of effortlessly opening into the depths of my Feminine  Consciousness, which felt like a vast pulsating presence, incredibly open..receptive..peaceful.

In this space I was aware that all these ideas that I held around the Divine Feminine were just that, mental constructs and ideas.  To finally land in Her and rest in Her Immensity was such a blessing, to know that She is always waiting for my return.. this is the healing I took birth for. "   
-Dilara   Perth, Australia


"I am in my 13th year of doing business as Megan McGeowin, Mystic & Mentor.  Through Womb Matrix Healing, I have accepted the invitation and opened myself to receiving a long awaited gift of being my authentic self as an expression of Divine Feminine Energy.  In being my Divine Feminine Self, I am experiencing in my life what has always been there for me. I am feeling nourished, nurtured, unconditionally loved and supported. I am experiencing myself as one with the consciousness of Mother Earth and the Cosmos itself. "  
-Megan Mcgeowin,  Mystic & Mentor, Seattle, Wa


"My journey to learn and transform in this life has connected me to many traditions, healers and teachers, for whom I will always be grateful.  From Yoga to Breathwork, EMDR to psychotherapy, psychics to astrologers, energy workers to shamans and guides.  I’ve traveled a path of spiritual opening, healing and transformative work for over 30 years.  Before my soul journey work with Maleda began, I was still operating from invisible, deep-seated fears, beliefs and experiences I could not identify, or understand. Through my journey with Maleda in Womb Matrix Healing we unraveled deep mysteries, hidden memories and unresolved stories impacting my life, influencing my choices and obstructing my access to the core of who I truly am - my authentic feminine essence.  My true vulnerability and soulful strength.  Through her facilitation and grace, we got to the heart of my matter.  I am forever grateful and deeply changed.  Maleda is living and Being all that she is revealing.  A gifted, wise and luminous teacher.  A now dear and trusted friend.  I highly recommend this experience for women who are ready to dive deep".
- Ally Baker, Thrive Integrated Health, Executive Director


"For the last 15yrs I have been doing a lot of different personal development and spiritual work for myself...Since reconnecting with Maleda and doing personal Womb Matrix Healing sessions with her - I know deep within that I have found what that desire was looking for - this work is so deep and profound - helping me to listen deeply within myself - to my own truth and to have the courage to live and learn to live from this truth every day. I can't recommend this work highly enough if you feel called to do so. It is truly amazing and beautiful! Thank you Maleda. " 
- Anonymous Healer,  Ireland


" The 1st time I heard Maleda talk about her work on a call, I knew she was connected. I didn't know to what, but it was a palpable feeling that I had to follow. After an initial series, I realized I found a gem of a wise woman.  She patiently took me through my womb matrix and illuminated spaces within I simply could not access without a powerful guide.  Through her, I was able to navigate and access confusing and scary terrain within, and come out with much more power, respect, and trust in this great matrix. I trust her.  I know she knows timeless truths that have helped me have greater faith and trust in my own body - my own knowing and in this great source of life that always provides."
- Katrina B.  New York, NY


"Maleda was the gate keeper, opening the doors for me to step into the Immensity of my being. She taught me how to be fully present with in myself and with that comes incredible strength, grace, and unlimited possibility.  I have experienced intense changes in all aspects of my life including, a stronger more peaceful relationship with my children, the removal of toxic relationships, healthier personal habits, a promotion which allows me more personal time and increased cash flow, and most importantly, a truly loving relationship with myself.  The best piece of working with Maleda, is that now I am ready and able to serve and inspire other women who are searching for their own feminine awakening."    - KT Lapp, West Chester, Pa


“Through this work, I feel like I have discovered the basic building blocks of life.  It has fundamentally shifted my perspective and field of possibility.  I can now move into my future with certainty, excitement, and ease.”   - Kathleen Haas, Nurse, Crestone, Co



"Bhakti"  AnnelieSolis.com

"The Divine Feminine nature of existence is literally pushing through every woman to heal and step in to what we were born to be and wired to do.

To ignore her call is to ignore your calling.

All of Life needs you to
awaken in this crucial moment.

I hope you will join us "  - Maleda