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Womb of Life 

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for Feminine Guides 
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heal the world

Sister soul, all the inner work you have done has led you to this moment... you are at the perfect place to make a powerful evolutionary choice:

If you have been called to this Womb of Life field, most likely you have the template to realize yourself as a conduit for the Great Mother's  Eternal Love in this lifetime.  During this potent time in Gaia's Herstory, women are supported more than ever before to collectively step into our sacred role of planetary healing.  Because today, have we have the opportunity to work together at a global scale.

Through lifetimes as midwives, healers, indigenous medicine women, and initiates, we knew our wombs to be bridges to the Eternal Womb of Life and we prepared our soul blueprints for this very moment in Herstory.

Join us to bring your Sacred Woman blueprint of  planetary healing alive inside of you now...

The Great Mother is more than a concept or being to honor...
She is an actual force and activity of awakened consciousness, omnipresent Love

& alchemical compassion which heals, nurtures and awakens the soul in of all of life.

Those of us that are born with the template to realize Her in this lifetime are here to ecstatically birth the divine power of Her Source-womb of Life 
through our wombs and hearts, spreading Her healing Love through all of existence.  To become Her Sacred Women for the sake of all of life in this crucial moment.

"Birthing the Eternal in 2019"      

Maleda,  Feminine Mystic & Healers' mentor

Join a global field of powerful evolutionary women 
offering ourselves as vessels for Mother Gaia's planetary rebirth

We birth that which we are becoming.


There is a deep rebirth happening from Earth's very core,
as Gaia moves into a more exalted state of Mother- christ Planetary consciousness
That is the energetic movement underneath all of the shifts we are experiencing. 

And without women stepping into our sacred role of Mothering the soul of life,

the rebirth will never fully happen for humanity.


No matter what is moving within or without,

when we birth the Great Mother's Eternal Womb of Life within ourselves,
we become One with Her force of Love;
a beacon of alchemical compassion. 
We enfold the shadow within our Light. 
We access the part of ourselves that is Eternal, Immortal. 
We become a living transmitter of Her healing power for the sake of all of life.

"Thank you, Thank you, Thank you..!!
I thank your precious soul for taking us on such a deep and nourishing journey.  I am still in this quiet deep womb place of the Divine Mother and my whole being is glowing and recognizing the home coming of these travels.  My heart is beaming with love and I am so grateful for this deepening of my relation with Mama Earth- not even a relation anymore but being one with Her.  Thank you for helping me enter these realm

-Maja, Netherlands

Partnering with Mother Gaia:


Integral to this Great Mother field is our partnership with Gaia in Her time of planetary rebirth. 
When we work with the Source Womb of Gaia:


   Our wombs are attuned to Gaia's, receiving transmission of Her planetary consciousness, 

with regular guidance on how we can serve Her most in our life and offerings. 

She re-members our wombs & feminine earth bodies into their original divine design

as birthers of new consciousness for humanity.  

We become Her living templates for the healing of the collective wombs of women,

and the weaving of evolutionary DNA into the human field.   

We enter into an unprecedented sense of belonging, spiritual and energetic stability

rooted purpose, divinely inspired living and omnipotent feminine healing power. 

We realize that which has been missing for us our whole lives

discovering the deepest reason for being alive as an earth womb-an in the here and now.  


Most of our activations are transmitted from Mount Shasta, Ca, a world renowned portal for Gaia's planetary consciousness.  Throughout the year,  activations will also be offered from other vital centers & sacred sites on Her Earth body.  


Becoming Her Vessel:


Our most felt experience of the Great Mother lies

in the threshold between our human and divine natures.  
What we receive deeply into our humanity is what we become a vessel for. 
Through opening ourselves on a regular basis to feel Gaia's 
planetary omnipresence,  even in our moments of discomfort and deep pain, we open our beings to be loved, healed, and in return become Her love for all of life.  Our  soul is re-membered into wholeness, and over time we realize that we are Her, and She is us.



Sacred Woman Blueprint Embodiment:


Rather than running the spiritual treadmill of practicing a myriad of techniques & rituals,

the most impactful inner awakenings come from simple, natural, and consistent awareness of

the Great Mother's Presence within and around you over time.


Communing with the natural world is the most immediate and tangible gateway to a felt experience of Omnipresence. Whether you live in a city or rural area, you can open to Mother Gaia's planetary field all around you... even if it means going to the local park or simply opening to sense Her planetary immensity while sitting indoors.  When we turn towards and tune into Her consistently no matter what is happening in our daily lives, we begin to merge our mundane experience with our most profound divine awakenings.


Every month, we will focus as a community on a simple, yet highly effective moment to moment awareness practice to strengthen our embodiment of Her as we move through our lives.


The Monthly Activations:

Each month we'll come together for a Divine Mother, Womb of Gaia Global activation call, mostly on the new or full moons and harness the power of Gaia's peak planetary astrological movements. 

Working with what is currently arising in ourselves and the global field of humanity, we'll open to be filled with Gaia's womb love, our vessels shaped to transmit Her healing frequencies.  Our practices and activations are designed to open gateways in your energy field & consciousness to the Source-Womb of Life so your evolution is self-referenced and resourced from your true World Mother Nature. 

We'll be birthed again and again, and our humanity empowered to magnify Her force of healing Love in the world.  All dates and content will arise from my deep listening to Mother Gaia's guidance.


60-90 min. calls are recorded live and sent to you to download to use again and again. 

Our co-created dharma community:


There is no replacement for an evolutionary sisterhood in which the power, Presence, and deep gifts of each woman is nourished, brought forward, and recognized as utterly necessary for the fulfillment of Life.  No matter where you are in your spiritual journey in this lifetime,  know that you will be in the best company possible...
with other powerful feminine mystic souls deeply comitted to the healing of life and humanity's return to Love. 
You will be cherished.  You will be held.  You will be celebrated.  You will be healed.

We invite you to join us in this epic adventure to discover the magnitude of your divine purpose
as a Gaian womb-an and step into global service by bringing your precious soul to this Womb of Life field.


Your investment:

This priceless opportunity is being offered in our inaugural year at the most affordable membership rate possible.  Choose the tier of membership that calls most deeply to your soul.

Become Her Vessel Circle Member Tier:


Included in your 2018 Circle Member yearly membership are all monthly global activation calls, downloadable recordings, embodiment practices, spontaneous videos & Vessel transmissions, and our Global Womb of Life FB sanctuary.  

You will have unlimited access to the
Membership Transmission Archives via our private, members- only site.

You will also recieve a 20% discount on all online courses throughout the year.


You are ready.  You have prepared lifetimes for this.  
She is waiting for you with open arms to come home unto Her.

You are invited to join us today...

Membership for the rest of 2018 is:


Sister-soul, no one will be turned away from this circle due to financial inavailablity. 
Partial scholarships are available on an honor system basis, with special consideration for sisters from countries with a low dollar exchange.

Please contact us and let us know what you can contribute.


Please contact us if you have questions or need 

assistance with registering:

Womb of Life Gold Member Tier:


Included in the Gold Member tier are all of the above listed
Circle member privileges, as well as these three 7-day activation journeys, which were publicly offered during the 2018 peak 
planetary gateways:



Mother-Christ Activation Journey (self-study in your own time)
Resurrect Your Divine Heart;  

Her Phoenix of Love Rises Within You




Solstice Healing & Initiation Journey:

Rebirth from the Chalice Well  (self-study in your own time)

Immerse Yourself in the Healing Waters of the Mother of Life 

transmitted from Glastonbury, UK




August 5-11:

Lionsgate Sphinx Portal Initiation Journey; 

Enter the Egyptian Great Mother Mysteries 

transmitted from Mount Shasta, Ca

For the woman who is ready to catapult Her spiritual journey into unprecented levels, immersing herself in some of the most powerful energies being brought through on the planet today. 


If you feel called to this tier, you are ready to open yourself to the most profound realization of the Great Mother possible.  

The omnipotent, life-nourishing energies of the Source Womb of Life that will shower the planet during these gateway times in 2018 will begin for you right away, as soon as you register. 


You are ready.  You have prepared lifetimes for this.

You are invited to step through the gateway now...


Membership + these journeys would normally be $333 your special rate is:

Gold Membership
for the rest of 2018 

Paid in Full is:


Please contact us if you have questions or need 

assistance with registering: