Private Karmic & In Utero Healing Sessions

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In these special Metamorphosis healing 90 minute one-on-one zoom sessions, we will journey together with Mother Earth and your soul to inquire into in utero and past life (or present day) and clear core programmings that are creating cellular & metaphysical barriers of separation, abandonment, unworthiness, and cellular constriction/limitation.  


Combined with the planetary healing & dissolution journeys we are moving through, the movements will be ineffably deep and powerful, and will serve your soul as well as the collective field of humanity on many levels.  Interference patterns, debilitating karmic attachments & contracts will be revealed and cleared, and gateways to your ancient soul's healing presence will open that have been dormant for thousands of years.  You will gain valuable insight on the specific programmings and energetic structures that have been influencing you, how they have affected your life until now, and specific daily life orientations & tools to continue the clearing and liberation of your feminine body-field in the days to come.     Sessions are on zoom and the replay will be sent to you to revisit again and again for insight, support, & healing.


      Deep Mentoring: 90 minute Metamorphosis Monthly Private Healing sessions on zoom:

Single Session special rate is $211 

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