Awaken to your

Primordial womb Power

Are you yearning to serve the healing of the world, to take your work to the next level & touch lives with greater impact than you have until today?

"To transmit the great healing  power of the Divine Feminine;
the shamaness, the healer, the midwife of the soul needs to be seated in her primordial depths
while soaring to her heights.

Only then, when she lands in that deep Immensity, will she embody her evolutionary potential in her life and her work."

A deep womb consciousness activation and introductory training

for healers, teachers, and women who serve women


As awakening women committed to divine service,

we have come so far and yet we have so much to learn about the true power of feminine consciousness:

-Do you get results with your clientel, and yet have this underlying sense there is something much bigger waiting to come through you (like you have something more to give, and you are not sure what it is)?


-Do you find yourself sometimes holding back in what you know you can bring through in your work, and you don't know why?


-Do you long to touch lives at the deepest level, embodying the full feminine healing capacities to midwife souls, nourish life and awaken hearts?

Here's a secret I've uncovered by working with other women healers and teachers like you:

Until and unless you have awakened to the true essence of your primeval Yin-based Nature, you will always sense something is missing.

Through landing there and entering the power of the Unknown through womb consciousness, you naturally open to your greatest capacity to heal yourself and others.


During this introductory workshop, we will explore the basics of Womb Matrix Awakening ™ and how this evolutionary field can accelerate your own path of awakening as well as inform you how to have greater impact with your clients and service to life. 


Here’s what we will journey through:



  • 5 steps of how to activate the spiral of evolutionary feminine healing through deep womb consciousness

  • Necessary keys to working with your clients at the primordial soul evel 

  • Explore and release unconscious blocks to offering your true potential of healing  power 

  • Receive transmission and activation of the primordial womb realms  (the soul-space before birth)  to the capacity you are ready for

  • Opening to your yin-based  Divine Feminine Presence and becoming a vessel for deep healing and soul awakening
    be a vehicle of immense healing power

At the completion of this training, you will be able to:


  • -Have a basic understanding of the practice and principles of
    Womb  Matrix  Awakening ™ and how they apply to your life and offerings



  • -Know your relationship to your own primordial yin power and how to  continue  to open to it over time

  • - Know how to tap into your womb consciousness to access the spiritual healing power of your soul


  • - -Bring increased spiritual power, presence, and ability to touch your clients at the soul level. 


  • -Access and embody your inner cosmic depths with continued  momentum  through simple yet potent practices





This intro training is for you if:


  • You sense there is a deeper and greater healing power waiting to come through you in your offerings and life’s work

  • You know you are ready to tap into your innate capacity to transmit divine feminine healing energy and accelerate your own awakening

  • You have yet to realize your full potential as a healer, priestess, or teacher and are ready to take the necessary steps to do so

  • You have always known you were born to embody the Divine Mother Presence, yet do not know how to fully realize that

  • You are ready to move from focusing on methodologies to being a living transmission of Truth

  • You have always been drawn to the healing power of the womb, yet have not had an avenue to discover what it's all about

  • You feel deeply called to this work, and do not know why

Here's what other awakening women are saying:


"I am in my 13th year of doing business as Megan McGeowin, Mystic & Mentor.  Through Womb Matrix Healing, I have accepted the invitation and opened myself to receiving a long awaited gift of being my authentic self as an expression of Divine Feminine Energy. What I have become aware of is my patterns of resistance through life conditioning of effort and struggle to “make things happen” as opposed to the feminine way of BEING and RECEIVING. In being my Divine Feminine Self, I am experiencing in my life what has always been there for me. I am feeling nourished, nurtured, unconditionally loved and supported. I am experiencing myself as one with the consciousness of Mother Earth and the Cosmos itself. "  
-Megan Mcgeowin,  Mystic & Mentor, Seattle, Wa


"For the last 15yrs I have been doing a lot of different personal development and spiritual work for myself...Since reconnecting with Maleda and doing personal Womb Matrix Healing sessions with her - I know deep within that I have found what that desire was looking for - this work is so deep and profound - helping me to listen deeply within myself - to my own truth and to have the courage to live and learn to live from this truth every day. I can't recommend this work highly enough if you feel called to do so. It is truly amazing and beautiful! Thank you Maleda. " - Anonymous Healer,  Ireland



"Maleda was the gate keeper, opening the doors for me to step into the Immensity of my being. She taught me how to be fully present with in myself and with that comes incredible strength, grace, and unlimited possibility. She gave me the tools I need to create my reality with intent and gratitude. I have experienced intense changes in all aspects of my life including, a stronger more peaceful relationship with my children, the removal of toxic relationships, healthier personal habits, a promotion which allows me more personal time and increased cash flow, and most importantly, a truly loving relationship with myself.  The best piece of working with Maleda, is that now I am ready and able to serve and inspire other women who are searching for their own feminine awakening."- KT Lapp, West Chester, Pa



“Through this work, I feel like I have discovered the basic building blocks of life.  It has fundamentally shifted my perspective and field of possibility.  I can now move into my future with certainty, excitement, and ease.” -Kathleen Haas, Nurse Practitioner, Crestone, Co



Please note: this training is highly experiential.  Rather than an intellectual download of information, we will learn through practice, internal opening, and transmission.  Your consciousness will continue to unfold your feminine evolution in ways that are impossible to describe in words... join us to find out!