A womb consciousness activation and introductory training

for healers, teachers, and women who serve women


Awaken your 

Primordial Healing Power

October 11,  2014

Nevada City, California

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It’s time to take an evolutionary leap….


Welcome to new horizons... a training retreat designed specifically for awakening women healers, teachers, and artists who are committed to transmitting the highest level of healing power; are ready to be fulfilled on a soul level, change lives, and step into your full potential without the trappings of hierarchal systems.  It's time we come together to midwife the new deep feminine divine consciousness.  you know who you are...


Imagine yourself in the fullness of your soul’s unique expression, owning the magnitude of power you have as a feminine healer, and sharing that divine feminine healing energy with everyone you are meant to guide at this crucial time on the planet.


You are landed in the depths of your being in a way you never have been before.  You step into the magic, beauty, and infinite possibilities of conscious co-evolution. You with the courage and knowing of your own soul co-pioneer a new wave of feminine awakening, one that allows us to access the depths of our Divine Feminine healing power, embody that fully, and transmit that to all women who come to heal and learn with us.


This is the first step you can take into this vision, the vision of your dream life as a healer and co-evolutionary. The vision of your soul you birthed for.  And the beautiful part is you already have everything you need inside of you… the awakened power in your own womb.

Does any of this resonate with you?


  • You are ready for a high level, potent shift in your inner realms and life’s work…you can feel something is about to give and you are not sure what it is.

  • You know you are here to play a role in the healing of our world… yet your offerings are not bringing the life-changing results you hoped for.

  • You long for resiliency and consistency in your inner realms… to get off the spiritual roller coaster of “I got it” and “I lost it”.

  • You find yourself still caught in struggle and striving to manifest what you wish for in life.

  • You have always been drawn to the Divine Mother energy, know you were born to embody that in some capacity- yet are not sure how to open to that in your life experience.

  • You sense there is a wellspring of spiritual power within you, yet you have difficulty accessing it or bringing it through in an effective way in your work.

  • Or maybe you have experienced wounding, even spiritual trauma from experiences with teachers who have abused their power… so you find yourself shying away from the magnitude of what you have to offer to your own clients and the greater world.

  • You have been a practitioner, student, or teacher of powerful spiritual paths, but still struggle and search … you haven’t found the juicy, overflowing, alive awakening you deeply sense is waiting for you.

  • You are tired of the top-down hierarchical way, you sense there is another way to go about spiritual teaching, learning, transmitting, and healing- where you are handed someone else’s version of Truth, yet have not discovered what that looks like yet.

  • You yearn to be part of a tribe of conscious, powerful, evolving women healers and receive mutual support, encouragement and inspiration in your path.

  • You know you are so close to awakening to your true nature… yet you can’t quite put your finger on what it is you need to push you over the edge into the spiritual fulfillment you have always yearned for.


This retreat is about:


  • Access to your deepest Divine Feminine power.

  • Owning the healing capacity you were born with.

  • Birthing your authentic yin nature.

  • Going for it on every level… no more struggling against who you truly are.

  • Co-pioneering a new wave in feminine spiritual healing


You will discover during this life-changing training, awakening to your womb consciousness will address all that you yearn for…. it is about landing in the Presence of the deep Divine Feminine within you, awakening to Her Power fully, and being able to radiate, transmit the healing energy of the divine mother for the

sake of all of life.

Here’s some of what we will move through together:


Phase I:   Access the magnitude of your spiritual power through the                      consciousness of our wombs.

  • Land effortlessly in the profound Presence of your feminine Self

  • Open to your inherent connection with the universal energies and the cosmos.

  • Learn to gestate and be nourished in a state of deep listening and open receptivity.

  • Open into the immense power of your own Divine Feminine Beingness

  • Access the Divine Mother Cosmic Womb energy, learn ways to embody Her Immensity as the living temple you are.




















Phase II:   Embrace the Shadow:  Heal the relationship to your own power

  • Clear past wounds, issues, and contractions around stepping into the magnitude of spiritual healing power you were born to yield.

  • Understand why you have held yourself back until now and pave a new way for your life from here forward.

  • Understand what true feminine power is and how the old paradigms of what power look like are becoming obsolete.

  • Work together to heal the wounds of the historical persecution of women for our spiritual power, and the collective abuse of power through hierarchical systems

  • Learn the common spiritual pitfalls which lead to the abuse of power

  • Explore and co-create with a group of awakening women healers a new paradigm of co-evolution, spiritual teaching, and healing




















Phase III:  Radiate and transmit the healing and nourishing energy of
                 womb consciousness

  • Learn the basic understanding of transmission and radiating healing energy

  • Learn the fundamental avenues for accelerated evolution through your natural yin power

  • Learn how to be nourished and nourish others through the energy of  Divine Mother consciousness

  • Discover your feminine yin design for healing and teaching spiritual truth, and how to honor and draw forth the inherent unique energy, wisdom, and power of your clients.

  • Together create a living laboratory for opening to the transmission of this powerful new healing energy

You will leave this training retreat with:


  • A deeply rooted sense of having landed within yourself

  • A knowingness of your vital role as a feminine healer at this time on the planet

  • An ability to access the magnitude of your capacity for healing power, nourishment, and Divine Mother energy which will continue to unfold over time and practice.

  • A sense of being deeply healed, nourished, and supported on every level.

  • A fundamental understanding of the evolutionary movement of Womb Consciousness awakening, and how to embody that in your life and work.

  • An orientation towards the role of feminine awakening for your soul like you have never experienced before

  • A community of powerful women healers, to co-evolve, co-create and co-pioneer with. 

Please note: this training is highly experiential.  Rather than an intellectual download of information, we will learn through practice, internal contemplation, and transmission.  You will be opened to a way of learning that with practice will continue to unfold your evolution in ways that are impossible to describe in words... join us to find out! 

Your facilitator in this journey:

Maleda is a gifted Feminine Awakening Mentor, healer, spiritual guide and founder of the Goddess Academy. She has practiced and taught in the field of transformation and feminine empowerment for over 13 years, including 3 years of training in yoga and Indian Temple Dance and 10 years as a nun and lead teacher in an ashram.  Her intense spiritual practice and comittment to Truth transmit a passionate devotion to life, the beauty of Spirit,and the Divine Feminine Principal in all of creation.


Maleda founded Breath of Life Yoga in 2006, the Awakening Woman Initiative in 2008 and The Goddess Academy of Healing and Soul Awakening in 2013. She is a midwife of the soul, traveling internationally, guiding women through the fire of transformation into healing, empowerment, soul awakening.  She offers spiritual mentoring, feminine healing retreats, teacher trainings,and private Deep Feminine Healing Sessions on location and by phone.


"Feel all of yourself in this moment- everything you call good, beautiful, or pleasurable and everything you perceive as bad, ugly, or painful. Welcome everything. Rest a while in this Quiet- long enough to merge in thick Immensity- And then rest even longer until She (your Divine Feminine Presence) awakens and you realize that all you have ever yearned for is already You...here...and now"



"I am in my 13 year of doing business as Megan McGeowin, Mystic & Mentor.  Through Womb Matrix healing sessions I have accepted the invitation and opened myself to receiving a long awaited gift of being my authentic self as an expression of Divine Feminine Energy. What I have become aware of is my patterns of resistance through life conditioning of effort and struggle to “make things happen” as opposed to the feminine way of BEING and RECEIVING. In being my Divine Feminine Self, I am experiencing in my life what has always been there for me. I am feeling nourished, nurtured, unconditionally loved and supported. I am experiencing myself as one with the consciousness of Mother Earth and the Cosmos itself. "  
Megan Mcgeowin,  Mystic & Mentor, Seattel, Wa


"For the last 15yrs I have been doing a lot of different personal development and spiritual work for myself...Since reconnecting with Maleda and doing personal Womb Matrix Healing sessions with her - I know deep within that I have found what that desire was looking for - this work is so deep and profound - helping me to listen deeply within myself - to my own truth and to have the courage to live and learn to live from this truth every day. I can't recommend this work highly enough if you feel called to do so. It is truly amazing and beautiful! Thank you Maleda. "

- Anonymous Healer,  Ireland


"Maleda was the gate keeper, opening the doors for me to step into the immensity of my being. She taught me how to be fully present with in myself and with that comes incredible strength, grace, and unlimited possibility. She gave me the tools I need to create my reality with intent and gratitude. I have experienced intense changes in all aspects of my life including, a stronger more peaceful relationship with my children, the removal of toxic relationships, healthier personal habits, a promotion which allows me more personal time and increased cash flow, and most importantly, a truly loving relationship with myself.The best piece of working with Maleda, is that now I am ready and able to serve and inspire other women who are searching for their own feminine awakening."- KT Lapp West Chester, Pa

Accomodations and Food:


You will be staying at the  rustic luxury lodge, Harmony Ridge, nestled in the stunning beauty of Tahoe National Forest.


The lodge is a meeting place for contemporary spiritual seekers and practioners.  The rooms are large, beautiful and luxurious.  We will be well taken care of.


Included in the retreat are two delicious vegetarian meals a day.  Light snacks will be provided, please bring any additional items needed to keep your energy strong throughout your stay.  Each room is equipped with a refrigerator and a microwave (please confirm any special requests for your room with the lodge).


Sample Daily Schedule:

Beginning Friday June 8


7:30-8:30 am: morning practice:

can include meditation + gentle yet deep & harmonising body/mind/spirit opening


8:30-9:30am:  healthy breakfast

delicious vegetarian + eggs


10am-3pm:  Deep training Immersion

*there will be a break for refreshments... please bring snacks or diet necessities to keep your energy strong


3pm- 4:30pm:  Healthy full course lunch/dinner:  

Vegetarian protein provided


7:00-9pm: Evening nourishment program

delicious time of warm connection, inspiration + inner rejuvenation


Through every aspect of this retreat, your nourishment and healing are of the utmost importance to us. Please let us know of any special needs at any time during your stay.

Your Investment in your life and work:


Full tuition: $999

Early bird tuition, before May 12:  $750
*tuition does not include lodging and transportation



                          Important information:


***By nature, this retreat will be deep and immersive. Women are asked to stay at the Harmony Ridge Lodge where the retreat will take place, to ensure the womblike powerful container for our work is carried through.  Space is extremely limited. Make your reservations at the lodge a.s.a.p. to ensure your participation in the retreat.


Retreat begins:  10am on Friday, June 6 

and ends:  3pm Sunday, June 8.


***If flying in, please check in by Thursday evening and plan to leave Nevada City no earlier than 5pm on Sunday, June 8th.


You are welcome and encouraged to stay an extra night on Sunday at the lodge to rest and enjoy the beauty and serenity of the Tahoe National Forest area. Details on lodging and transportation will be provided after registration for the retreat.




We ​Before May 15, you will be offered a full refund minus a $150 administration fee.  There are no refunds offered after May 15.  We are financially responsible for the number of attendees for this retreat, so we ask that you consider carefully before registering, and only cancel due to an emergency situation.



For assistance with registering or with any questions, please contact us at:  info@thegoddessacademy.com

                                           (303)- 332-2062